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Introducing Globe Drugs

A sister concern of Globe Pharmaceuticals Group of companies. The site is housed in an area 55,000 sq. ft covering manufacturing, QC, Engineering and storage area. The leading APIs (bulks) manufacturer in Bangladesh. Most of the top leading pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh like ACI Ltd, The ACME Laboratories, Aventis Pharma, Eskayef Bangladesh Ltd, Drug International Ltd,Glaxo-smithkline ltd., Navana Phama Ltd, Ibn Sina Ltd, Popular pharma Ltd, General Phama Ltd, Apex Pharma Ltd., One Pharma Ltd., Essential Drug Company Ltd. and many more are Globe drugs customers.

Now we are exporting our APIs in overseas market. Globe drugs Limited produces business excellence through the quality products to be achieved by understanding, accepting and exceeding customer demand. Globe drugs views are four categories- customer satisfaction, Quality product, continual improvement and on time delivery.

Globe drugs Limited is a committed business which will become one of the highly efficient global drugs manufacturing companies world wide.

Corporate Philosophy


Globe Pharmaceutical Group of Companies Ltd. is an organization that has traversed the road to the consumer’s heart for the last 27 years. I take this opportunity to thank you, who are right now visiting this page and all the satisfied consumers throughout the globe. Our deliberate and simplistic intention to win the consumers’ heart is a continuous process. Our values enable us to serve the consumer in a more systematic manner, meet their ever-changing demands and keeps them engaged, to have a quality life.

Globe Drugs Limited APIs


  • Amoxicillin T.H B.P Compacted & Micronised
  • Cloxacillin sodium BP compacted & Micronised
  • Flucloxacillin sodium BP compacted & Micronised


  • Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride


  • Cephalexin M.H B.P Compacted & Micronised
  • Cefradine B.P Compacted & Micronised
  • Cefixime B.P Compacted & Micronised


  • Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride


  • Azithromycin Dihydrate


  • Paracetamol BP

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